ASEM Cultural Festival

ASEMfest teaser - ASEF
ASEM Cultural Festival teaser 18-30 Oct 2018 Brussels #ASEMfest is an official side-event to the 12th ASEM Summit (#ASEM12)
ASEMfest teaser - ASEF
ASEMfest 18 Oct 2018 ASEF - opening event
ASEMfest 19Oct ASEF - concert by Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar (Mongolia)
ASEMfest 20 Oct ASEF - "Kijote Kathakali" by Margi Kathakali
ASEMfest 21Oct ASEF - concert by Svetlana Berezhnaya (Russian Federation)
ASEMfest 22 Oct ASEF - architecture forum with Paul Robbrecht (Belgium) and Wang Shu (China)
ASEMfest 23Oct ASEF - concert by Katchry Jewel Golbin (Philippines)
Funded by the European Union