Viet Nam, as a founding member of ASEM, welcomes the celebration of ASEM Day 2019. 07 March 2019

On the occasion of the ASEM Day 2019, Viet Nam joins the celebration with an Interview by Mdm. Nguyen Minh Hang, ASEM SOM Leader for Viet Nam for "The World and Viet Nam Report "- a national newspaper.

Below is the translated English version.


On 1 March 1996, ASEM was founded by 26 Leaders from Asia and Europe as a bridge that connects our two continents. After more than two decades, ASEM has grown beyond initial expectations and established itself as a main platform for strengthened dialogue and cooperation between Asia and Europe. ASEM has been instrumental in forging links and multi-layered cooperation for peace and development.

Given rapid and more complex developments in the regional and global landscape, the Forum is transforming itself for a stronger and more dynamic partnership, while upholding its cardinal values and principles of equality, mutual respect and benefit. As the key drivers of economic growth and innovation in the 21st century, ASEM has full ability and responsibility to champion for multilateral cooperation, promote inclusive growth and sustainable connectivity, and advance Asia-Europe partnership on global challenges, such as climate change, SDGs, etc.

On the path of development of ASEM, Viet Nam has always been an active and responsible member, contributing to enhancing ASEM’s role and profile. Viet Nam was the host of the 5th ASEM Summit (2004) and 5 Ministers’ Meetings on Economics, Information and Technology, Foreign Affairs, Education and Labour. Viet Nam also implemented 25 initiatives and co-sponsored 27 initiatives on the areas that serve the interests of the people and businesses such as sustainable and inclusive development, connectivity, human resources development, sustainable water management, climate change, etc.

Viet Nam always attaches importance to the joint efforts to uplift ASEM cooperation and promote Asia-Europe connectivity through ASEAN Community, existing partnerships, and bilateral and multilateral cooperation and linkages. With extensive international integration and more proactive multilateral diplomacy, Viet Nam will continue to work with other members to elevate ASEM’s profile in the fast changing global context.

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