ASEM Cultural Festival (#ASEMfest) 2019 - Curtain Raiser Asia & Europe: Cultures Connect
  • Date:
  • 06 December 2019
  • Location:
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Organiser:
  • European Union
  • Event Type:
  • Side Event
The concert is open to public and is free to attend upon registration.

A celebration of artistic and cultural diversity from Asia & Europe

On 6 December 2019, a curtain raiser was held in Brussels in the lead up to the ASEM Cultural Festival 2019 titled "Asia and Europe: Cultures Connect" in Madrid, Spain. Bringing a slice of the exciting programme of the Festival in Madrid to the public in Brussels, the curtain raiser will present ‘Saiyuki, Journey to the West’.

The concert featured 7 talented musicians presenting the legendary story, set between East and West. You may have heard of the Xiyou ji or Journey to the West, the 16th Century masterpiece by Wu Cheng'en. Set in the 7th century, this novel tells the story of the monk Xuanzang’s expedition to India in search of sacred Buddhist texts.

Saiyuki offers a vision that combines tradition and modernity and blends the rich cultural heritage stretching from India to Japan with world music and jazz. This concert builds bridges between modernity and tradition, and between jazz and traditional music. Accompanied by percussionist Prabhu Edouard on tablas and harpist Mieko Miyazaki on koto, as well as a number of special guests, guitarist Nguyên Lê creates an exquisite musical alchemy.

The concert is open to public and is free to attend upon registration.

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Casa Asia (Madrid, Spain)

BOZAR I Centre for Fine Arts (Brussels, Belgium)

ASEF | Asia-Europe Foundation (Singapore)

Funded by the European Union