5th ASEM Transport Ministers’ Meeting (ASEMTMM5)
  • Date:
  • 10-11 December 2019
  • Location:
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Organiser:
  • Hungary
  • Event Type:
  • Other Ministers' Meeting

As announced in the "Bali Declaration" released at the 4th ASEM Transport Ministers' Meering (ASEMTMM4), Hungary will host the 5th ASEM Transport (ASEMTMM5) on 10-11 December 2019.

2 preparatory ASEM Transport Senior Officials (ASEMTSOM) will be held to ensure the sucess of ASEMTMM5. The 1st ASEMTSOM was held on 13-14 June, and the 2nd ASEMTSOM is to be held on 9 December, right before the event.

Further details pertaining to the ASEMTMM5 will be disseminated in due course.

Funded by the European Union