ASEM Workshop on Techniques & Instruments for Conservation of Monuments & Artefacts

Conservation of cultural heritage is a crucial area that merits urgent attention worldwide. There is considerable diversity in the conservation approaches followed by countries in Asia and Europe, with some relying on modern technology and techniques while others follow age-old practices based on traditional knowledge and craftsmanship. The gap between theory and practice of conservation is also widening.

In this context, the Ministry of External Affairs of India, in association with the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, organised an ASEM Workshop on Techniques and Instruments for Conservation of Monuments and Artefacts on 6-7 February 2017 in New Delhi. The workshop focused on conservation of historic buildings as well as artefacts found in museums and art collections including wall paintings, textiles, paper, etc., and highlighted the importance of heritage conservation in the agenda for development and the management of urban and rural environments.

The workshop was structured to include both theoretical presentations and interactive sessions, and featured parallel sessions on conservation of art and conservation of buildings. Participating experts from ASEM countries shared their knowledge and showcased the latest technologies and instruments in use in their respective countries, by means of case studies of conservation projects that have been undertaken. Practical sessions covered the application of scientific research to conservation planning and practice.