ASEM Workshop on Social Protection Floor and the Informal Economy

The ASEM Workshop on "Social protection floor and the informal economy –what initiatives to ensure universal access to basic socialprotection: towards new balanced social protection systems, how does it support employment?" was held in Nice, France, on 27-28 September 2010.  

France hosted the Workshop with representatives from all ASEM member states to discuss the issue of integrating the informal economy to the "social protection floor".  The results from the Workshop will contribute towards the 3rd ASEM Labour and Employment Ministers' Conference to be held in Leiden, the Netherlands in December 2010.


  1. Senior Officers from each ASEM Ministry of Labour and Employment;
  2. Representatives from the European Commission;
  3. Experts and academics, if appropriate for certain parts of the debate;
  4. representatives of international organisations, particularly the ILO.

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