6th ASEM Education Ministers' Meeting (ASEM ME6)

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea will host the 6th ASEM Education Ministers' Meeting (ASEM ME6) under the theme, "Collaboration for the Next Decade: from Common Perspectives to Effective Fulfillment" to be held on 21-22 November 2017 in Seoul, Korea.

The ASEMME6 will celebrate the 10-year history of the ASEM Education Process and shape a common understanding for further collaboration between Asia and Europe in various fields of education.

The ASEM Education Process took its first step from the common perspectives in Asia and Europe in Berlin in 2008. Subsequently, the process has been impressively evolved through Hanoi (2009), Copenhagen (2011), Kuala Lumpur (2013), and Riga (2015) meetings. The last year in Riga, the Education Ministers encouraged all ASEM Partners to engage in more result-oriented activities through promoting ASEM education collaboration for results.

Increasing demands for the promotion of connectivity between Asia and Europe has been emerging in the more and more inter-connected and interdependent world. The Ulaanbaatar Declaration, which was launched at the 11th ASEM Summit in 2016 in Mongolia, emphasizes the need to promote connectivity between the two regions and within ASEM partners. Under the circumstance, thus, the ASEM Education Process is now facing the need to search for more tangible cooperation and greater visibility by fulfilling the process in a more effective way. The way will lead the ASEM Education Process to continuously contribute to better connectivity in the next decade.