4th ASEM Meeting of Governors and Mayors (ASEM MGM4)

The 4th ASEM Meeting of Governors and Mayors (ASEM MGM4) is onging from 24-27 May 2017, in Lisbon, Portugal, under the theme, "Mobility, Sustainability and Migration."

The venue is the Sala do Risco at Terreiro Do Paço Av. Infante Dom Henrique 1, 1100-016 Lisboa, Portugal:  http://www.venues.askmelisboa.com/eng/sala-do-risco.html

According to the organiser, a representative of the invited cities may be officilally designated as the delegate if the Mayor is unavailable to attend.  

Further inquiries should be addressed to Ms. Cristina ROCHA, Head of Lisbon's International Relations, Rua do Ouro n. 49 - 4th floor, 1100-060 Lisboa, Portugal.
Tel: +351 21 322 73 66
E: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]